FTT Service

FIT to transport!

Whether your goods are ready for safe transport and will arrive at your customer’s premises damage-free under normal transport conditions is questionable.

You can turn to CS-TS for a preliminary analysis. Based on a number of images or videos, we can give a first indication of whether your goods are ready for damage-free transport.

We often come to customers where goods have been damaged during transport. This damage is SOMSTIMES compensated by the transport and goods insurance but the inconvenience remains with the sender. The latter has to prepare a shipment and/or repackage the existing one and has to pay for the additional costs and inconveniences.

Secure transport

Packaging goods is a crucial part of the logistics chain. The right packaging protects your products during transport and storage, and ensures they arrive at the customer in optimal condition.

With the mandatory, statutory EUMOS 405090 test, you can optimise your packaging to transport your goods safely.


Packaging testing

You can now turn to CS-TS for a preliminary analysis of your transport packaging where we provide advice on whether or not to address the issues.

Know that there are various regulations and legislation that your transport packaging needs to comply with. These are situated in the CMR Convention where the carrier is relieved of liability if the goods are “badly or not packed” on the other hand in the Road Code where it is clearly stated that they must be presented “transport safe” and properly described.

With our FTT-service, we provide clients with advice they can take further to pack them “properly and transport safe”.