Mobile test lab

Because of the unique concept and the exclusive way of working, CS-TS is the first in the Benelux to offer an efficient and user-friendly solution for the shipper, packer, manufacturer,…

The mobile test lab of CS-TS comes at your site (production, packaging, logistics department) to test the diversity of your loading units and to subject it to the mandatory legal EUMOS 40509 test.

The concept has been developed in such a way that you only have to prepare your load units, we’ll do the rest!

If necessary, we provide ourselves with the necessary power supplies so that the testing is done completely autonomously.

mobiel testlab
mobiel testlab

Your benefits

We come to you with our test bench to test your load units!

You save time and costs because you don’t have to arrange pre- and post-transport.
Your staff does not necessarily need to be present at the test. They can safely continue their work.

Test failed?

No problem, you adapt your transport packaging in your own environment and we test again! Time and cost savings again. If desired, we can further assist and advise you to use the right transport packaging so that your loading unit passes the test with brilliance.

Lack of space? No problem…There is only a «test zone» to be equipped with 20x20m to enable us to perform the testing and of course a location where we can park our test vehicle.

Your benefits

  • No transport costs
  • Immediate availability of test results
  • Direct adjustments/adjustments of your loading units possible
  • Handing over a “transport-safe certificate”
  • No more police stops when checking EUMOS 40509 standard