Open test day Friday September 30 2022

The regulations on ‘loading units-pallets pallet safety’ have changed significantly over the past period. These must be transport safe and Eumos 40509 tested.

Now you can have your pallets tested on our site. It is therefore not necessary that we come to your senses to carry out these tests.

Your benefits:

*Optimal pallet cost
*Warehouse safety
*Transport safety
*Eumos 40509 certification

On this test day you can deliver your loading unit pallets to us and we will test them immediately. You can obtain a transport-safe certificate for this test and you will immediately receive advice on how to make your loading unit pallet more sustainable and optimizing it.

You can have several of your loading units tested on this open test day

You are of course welcome to attend your tests.

open testdagen

Friday September 30Register on our next open test day, 2022 or do you want information without obligation



During 1 time slot you can have 4 pallets tested in 2 directions.

The tests are performed at an agreed acceleration. (base 0.5 G)


Our site is located:

Kolvenstraat 22
8000 Brugge

choose your timetable

  • 31) 08u30 tot 10u00
  • 2) 10u30 tot 12u00
  • 3) 12u30 tot 14u00
  • 4) 14u30 tot 16u00

Have your pallets EUMOS 40509 tested