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Cargo Securing Testing Services

      Testing palletstability al over Europe 

Pallet stability and load securing is important

In the context of the so-called “Roadworthiness” package, the European regulator provides a legislative framework for cargo securing of commercial vehicles.

In addition to checking the way in which the load is secured to the vehicle, the transport packaging of the load is also examined.

Specifically with regard to packaging, the regulations refer to the European standard EUMOS 40509.

According to this recent legal standard, the provider of the cargo is obliged to offer load units in a stable manner and, if necessary, to provide proof of this stability. It gives the tertiary packaging of a pallet a completely new status.

The EUMOS 40509 standard describes a test method to test the rigidity of the transport packaging of a load.

CS-TS will visit you everywhere in Europe with a mobile test lab to test your loading units (pallets).

Upon passing the test, we certify your load unit as “TRANSPORT SAFE”



Have your load units (pallets) been tested according to the legal EUMOS 40509 standard?

Mobile testing laboratory

CS-TS will visit you to test your load units (pallets).

Your benefits:

  • No transport costs
  • Immediate availability of test results
  • Direct corrections /adjustments of your load units are possible
  • Handing over a “transport-safe certificate”
  • No more stoppage in transit when police is checking the EUMOS 40509 standard

Make your load unit Transport-Safe!

Often the media information channels mentions “truck loses load” or “traffic jam due to loss of cargo”. These are circumstances we have become “used to”. Nevertheless, it is important to consider the causes. Inadequate load securing is often the start of all misery, but even more often the cause is inadequate transport packaging.

CS-TS is a young and dynamic company that focuses on making load units (pallets) safe for transport. We come to you to perform tests, so that your cargo does not undergo any preliminary and unnecessary transports (and associated costs). The mobile logistics lab of CS-TS comes on the spot at your site (production, packaging, logistics department) all over Europe to test the diversity of your load units and to subject it to the mandatory legal EUMOS 40509 test


Safe transportation

Various shippers appeal to CS-TS, who, with their mobile logistics lab, come to test the load units on site and, if desired, issue a “transport-safe certificate”.

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