About us

CS-TS is a young and dynamic company that focuses on making loading units (pallets) transport safe.

For many, it was a challenge to subject their diversity of loading units to the legal EUMOS 40509 standard. It is time consuming, involves all kinds of costs and is practically virtually impossible to transfer the wide variety of loading units to specialized laboratories for a test. Even before the loading units were tested, they had already undergone various forces.

In the case of a negative test result, no adjustments could be made at the external laboratory. Thus, it was time to transport up-and-down each time, which led to shippers, packers, etc. no longer having their loading units tested. It was clearly inefficient, causing unnecessary transports and associated high costs without return.

The experience and knowledge of our team has clearly understood the needs of the logistics players.

CS-TS is now the only one in the Benelux that offers a solution to test and certify your loading units on site.

Geert Frans CEO CS-TS bv


Benefits for the shipper

Due to the unique concept and the exclusive way of working, CS-TS offers an efficient and user-friendly solution for the shipper, packer, manufacturer, … .

CS-TS’s mobile logistics lab will be on site at your location (production, packaging, logistics department) to test the diversity of your loading units and submit them to the mandatory EUMOS 40509 legal test.

The concept has been developed in such a way that you just have to prepare your loading unit, we do the rest!

If necessary, we provide ourselves with the necessary power supplies so that the testing is fully autonomous.

Your benefits

  • No transport costs
  • Immediate availability of test results
  • Direct adjustments/adjustments of your loading units possible
  • Handing over a “transport-safe certificate”
  • No more police stops when checking EUMOS 40509 standard